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Syaining 2016-12-30

Goodal moisture barrier line which I frequently use!
It''s good to change the basic items depending on seasons.
With Cho Yeojung moisturizing cream and Jang Yewon tone-up cream,
from Goodal catching popularity,
this time, nice to use with freshness in summer,
fresh line has been released, and I will introduce it to you.

It''s Goodal moisture barrier fresh liquid.
Without using toner, emulsion, and essence separately,
as it’s 3 in 1 item, it’s okay!
How good it is because I haven’t had to be bothered with reapplying several items!

Rich in 16 minerals,
hot spring water at Mt. Seorak clean area is contained.
Mistletoe and a ceramide complex form the tightened moisture barrier on skin.
It’s Goodal that takes care of even the ingredients meticulously.

As it''s a squeezing type,
you can use a liquid formulation more easily.

It is a very dilute formulation to the degree of flowing down.
You can say that the existing moisture barrier liquids have concentrated the essences, but
fresh liquid can be lightly applied with essence toner formulation!

Even in hot weather, after face cleansing,
dryness and inside pulling occurs on the skin.
However, when applying the moisture barrier fresh liquid,
its absorption is really good! Absorbed quickly and no feeling of residue.
It''s nice to apply lightly and neatly.
In addition, there is a feeling of inside moisturization without feeling of outside dryness.

It is Goodal moisture barrier fresh eye cream.
As containing Vitamin K,
called as a nickname of ‘dark circle eraser’,
it has excellent whitening effect!
Skin irritation test and dark circle relaxation proving test are completed.
Nowadays, I have a wide range of dark circles.
As I look dull when I wake up in the morning,
I think it is necessary for me.

Mt. Seorak natural hot spring water, 
mistletoe, and ceramide complex are contained.
In particular, as it contains ceramide capsules,
it tightly holds the feeling of moisture and moisturization.

If you think it is a simple eye cream, no way!
It has an applicator with a slope to allow for a massage.
It is easy to control the amount hygienically and,
I like it because I can apply the cream while massaging.

It gives clean and fresh feeling as gel cream formulation.
Application is also smooth.

If you look closely, there are ceramide capsules in the cream.
When you roll and apply it,
the ceramide capsules burst naturally and show effects.
As I can see the capsules with my own eyes,
I think it gives more trustworthiness to use.

The eye rims that need to be taken care from 20s,
once aging begins and wrinkles occur,
couldn’t be gotten back without borrowing the scientific power.
It''s important to take care of them in advance.
As applying the moisture barrier fresh eye cream,
I rolled around the eyes like doing massage and,
the fatigue felt resolved, and the moisturization was good permeating with moisture!

It is Goodal moisture barrier fresh gel cream.
If I have to choose one of skin care items, I will take it first place!
That''s because it takes care of moisture and moisturization as much.
The moisture barrier fresh gel cream can be used neatly in summer and,
It makes moist and moisturized the skin that could be dried any time.

In particular, the gel-type item is preferred as a summer moisturizing cream.
It’s because it is neat to apply and fresh to use!

As it also contains a mini-spatula in the package
You can use the cream of gel texture hygienically and neatly.

Gel texture full of moisture feeling which is alive with resilience!
You can feel the freshness with just taking a look.
As it is said that only using once proved its immediate improvement of moisturization effect,
I’m using it with trust these days.

As being a gel texture with resilience,
it''s applied like a general cream smoothly.
As it is not too light and has moderate moisturization, I liked it more.

As absorbed quickly to the skin and
making even the inside skin moisturized without just covering it, I strongly recommend the summer moisturizing cream.

I compared it with my previous winter moisturizing cream of the other company.
In case of winter moisturizing creams, there are plenty of sticky formulations.
So I have had to roll it several times and spread it out.
However, as Goodal moisture barrier fresh gel cream is for summer use,
it''s fresh and very well appliable.
There is hardly any stickiness even after finishing to apply, and
it is a summer moisturizing cream that feels light as oily feeling is reduced.
As compared by applying half and half like this,
the summer cream showed a surely considerable difference from winter cream.
It implies that we need to change skincare items by the season as much.

On the skin that has been freshly cared with liquid
I applied an adequate amount of gel cream.
It is hard to feel oily, and, as it is a type of rich moisture feeling,
I feel free to use in the morning and evening.

On the skin that has been freshly cared with liquid
I applied an adequate amount of gel cream.
It is hard to feel oily, and, as it is a type of rich moisture feeling,
I feel free to use in the morning and evening.

Lucky Boxes are being sold from June 27 until the time of exhaustion.
The price is 30,000 won.
They contain abundant items worthy of a minimum of 60 to 130 thousand won.
As all the Lucky boxes contain a moisture barrier cream (28,000 won),
don’t miss this great chance to get together with other items.
You can buy it at Club Clio on-offline on the Goodal homepage.